Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

In 2021, your access to automatic seeds has never been better. Check out our high yielding autoflower seeds below and get one step closer to harvesting cannabis crops from your home.

Autoflowering seeds offer both an easier way to grow for new gardeners and a fast turn around for experienced growers interesting in producing more cycles per year.

Other reasons beyond wanting to be a part of the latest and greatest green technology, include the added bonus for small gardens of not needing to be dark part of the day. You can put all your plants in one room for both vegetative and flowering stages when growing from autoflower seed.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds, are seeds that flower automatically. Most marijuana plants are photoperiod plants, which means they rely on the changing light patterns to start to flower. Grown naturally outdoors, the plants will continue to grow as the days get longer and there is a lot more light available. In fact, during this period, the plants don’t really require darkness at all. Once the days start to get shorter, the plants will switch from the vegetative or growing stage to the flowering stage. Grown in a grow room, these plants require a change of the hours the lights are turned on and off to begin flowering. If the grower doesn’t change the lights on time, the plants may not flower.

The autoflower marijuana seeds, on the other hand, are not as picky about the light. They can start flowering even if the lighting doesn’t begin to change to shorter periods in a day. They don’t wait for the changing seasons to start flowering when they’re grown outside, so it’s possible to reach harvest point faster. For beginners, this is perfect, as they don’t have to worry as much about making mistakes when they’re growing from high yielding autoflower cannabis seeds. The plants are resilient and are going to flower automatically anyways.

How Are Autoflowering Seeds Made?

Autoflowering seeds are created through crossbreeding different strains. Cannabis Ruderalis is a native Russian strain, different from Indica and Sativa strains that most growers will be familiar with. In Russia, the harsh temperatures and low light levels mean it’s difficult to grow most types of marijuana outside, as Indica and Sativa strains don’t receive enough light to flourish or have too much sunlight during the long summer days, so they can’t get the rest they need to grow. Instead, the region has developed the Cannabis Ruderalis seeds that are much smaller and are autoflowering instead of feminized photo period like the Indica and Sativa strains.

In areas like this, the autoflowering plants naturally grew as a way for the plants to survive the often-harsh climatic conditions. The plants are generally a lot smaller than Indica or Sativa strains, as they reach a maximum of around 1.5 to 2 feet tall. Sativa strains, on the other hand, can reach over 15 feet tall. The downsides to the Cannabis Ruderalis plants are that they are not high in THC and that they have a smaller harvest. However, now, Cannabis Ruderalis is often bred with Sativa or Indica strains. This creates the hybrids that are resilient but also offer higher THC (or CBD) levels, better taste, and greater yields.

Those who purchase us autoflower seeds are buying marijuana seeds that have been bred from the Cannabis Ruderalis strain and combined with Sativa or Indica strains to improve the final result. The breeding does need to be done over some time to create a stable version of the plant that can grow from the seeds. However, seed banks can now offer a massive variety of high yielding autoflower 710 seeds, so growers can pick out the seeds they prefer based on the plant height, yield, THC levels, taste, smell, and more.

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