About us

Healthymarijuanashop.com is one of Atlanta premiere online collectives that provide shipping to your door, virtually anywhere in USA!  No need to head all the way down to the dispensary to pay for overpriced top shelf.  This forward-thinking concept provides patients with a convenient & extremely discreet way to get their medication conveniently.  

Our collection of products boasts some of the highest quality in the industry, from top shelf flower, to tasty edibles, vapes, oils, CBD products and many more.  Our customer service is personal and we care for all of our patients in our community.  Our Budz loyalty program rewards our patients with great discounts by earning points from purchases to sharing about us on social media.  

healthymarijuanashop.com can virtually ship anywhere in California, with the exception of extremely remote areas, but even in some remote and rural areas, we have seen success(some possible delays).

We believe in safe, discreet, and affordable access to medical marijuana for all of the patients in our collective. To join our collective click here


Healthy Marijuana Shop is not the couch-locked stoner caricature sketched by politicians with a hidden agenda and a lack of imagination. We are diverse. We are free thinkers. We are achievers. And we are not here to scare your parents. We believe that cannabis is more than just a plant. Above all, we believe that cannabis is a catalyst to experience, to curiosity, to culture, to the community, and to health. It’s not about the plant. It’s about what you choose to do with it. Mail Order Marijuana, Buy Weed Online, Buy Recreational Weed Online, Buy Marijuana Online, Buy Cannabis Buds online, Order Medical Marijuana Buds Online safely and discreetly to your doorstep. Green Ganja House makes it possible for cannabis users to widely mail order marijuana discreetly to their preferred locations. Place your Order Today!